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Are you the parent of an athlete, or the coach of a team who is looking for that extra gear that seems slightly out of reach? You know lack they the technique, training and coaching needed to make the leap from not so fast, (or kind of fast) to becoming one of the fastest on the track or field. Maybe you're wondering if speed can really be taught, or is it bred... Everyone can learn to be faster, and most importantly, their fastest. Here in the area of the Triangle, the HP Speed & Performance method has fueled well over 100 USATF 100 meter sprint division wins, regional as well as top 3 finishes for years. 


To help take athletes to the next level in every sport that requires speed is the mission. Coach E. Williams adapted the years of 100 meter speed and acceleration coaching, to a comprehensive training format that includes every aspect of performance for all sports.

  • Mobility & Mechanics (optimal movement patterns)

  • Hip & Trunk stability (core)

  • Strength (overall body)

  • Power Development (explosive bursts, jumps)

  • Agility (multi-direction speed)

  • Linear Sprint Mechanics

  • Overall & Specialized Stamina 

  • Sports Nutrition 

  • Mindset Development


The greatest thing we deliver to our athletes is improved confidence and self-esteem. By working with athletes at improving their fitness level and achieving their goals on the field, we are helping them feel good about themselves and empowering them off the field. 

Coach E. will be 48 years old this year and shows no signs of letting up as he continues to maintain his top form, leading by example by having fun riding and competing in his childhood sport of BMX (where he is recognized for his power and speed).

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